LunaPic Photo Editor
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Postive Reviews
Give us your Feedback! We'll post a few of them here!

July 2022 Yogita wrote: I wanted to thanks you for providing such a beautifully working, effective, no-nonsense service FREE! ... I wanted to thank you for making life SO simple. Your tool is nothing short of MAGIC!

Oct, 22 2021 GC wrote: Wow thanks for this apps! It works very well, it's easy and it's free with no surprise at the end. Thank you so much! I will pass the word that a cool free apps like this exist.

June, 12 2020 Matt wrote: Great Tools! Can't stop using them!

April, 24 2020 Matt wrote: It's the greatest thing since sliced bread, I can't believe I ever worked without it. I use it every day of my life. It's free, it's Safe, there is No sign in required and no downloads. Well done!

May 31, 2020 R wrote: Hi, I just wanted to say that I really love this site. I make experimental music and I use Lunapic to edit my artwork to give it a glow-y look. There are so many different tools I'm so surprised that something this good is free! Thank you.

Bridgette wrote: This is the best free editing tool I have ever come across!! user friendly and excellent quality. no tricks to get me to buy something after I started working with the editor and I even looked for a place to donate afterwards because I was so impressed. Thank you Lunapic for helping me do something so simple (I needed to make my logo have a transparent background) - without making me pay a huge price for it. I'll be back!

David wrote: Very Impressed! I'm a professional artist and studied styles of many artists- your software lets me mix one with another etc.-take my orginal work and see what various artists might have done with it-your on to SOMETHING!-look for future tools along this line- there's a creative need in what your doing.

Aman wrote: I used transparency feature on LUNAPIC. The ease and degree to which I achieved the transparency was fabulous. Never received such satisfaction for this feature before. Delighted. Keep up the good work.

Shaw wrote: This editor is as near idiot-proof as could be imagined. Little artsy-fartsy project looked like becoming a drama...ended up far exceeding original ideas. Planted quite a few more, too.

Lidia wrote: Love the new famous Art effects! I always recommend LUNAPIC to all my creative friends whenever they ask me how I did something. LUNAPIC make s it easy to be creative.

Richard wrote: Love It!!! I'm an artist and graphic artist. Its fun to see my designs and art through other artists eyes. Thank you!!

Yelena wrote: I am your biggest fan! Thank you very much for an opportunity to create something special with my photos.

Major wrote: Fantastic! Great least on my chosen images. Thank you so much for this site. Have had lots of fun with it.

Ray wrote: I just wanted to say this is a really good website! It is simple and helped me do what I had to do very easily. Well done!

Tingle wrote: I love, love your site! As a kindergarten teacher I often create activities for my students that involve graphics, and I use your website to make my creations look super cute and professional. Thank you so much for making this available, and thank you that it is free!

One user: You guys must be a best kept secret - great site and great functionality. Keeping it simple and user-friendly is not easy and kudos to the lunapic team for doing this.

Blue: I absolutely adore Lunapic!!! xoxo

Ryan: THIS SITE IS AWESOME! .. Easy, Quick, AND FREE!!!! Thank You for your time and effort.

Mike: Thanks for your site! very helpful & easy -- i've used others but i'll be back here next time!

R.:Thanks a million! You guys are the best! I had to submit a strange photo requirement for a job and I just don't have the time or money to go to a professional. Your site helped me out a lot. Thanks again!!!!!

JL: Bar none, the best image editor online and free to boot, that I've used! You have rekindle my desire to paint!

Laura: Thank you for making the resizing photo experience so fast - so easy!

Lynn: Wow!!!! thank you thank you thank you

Irma: I really appreciate your site and been using for how many years, Thanks a lot for letting me use again

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